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Comfort Mask


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Masks. Face masks. Face diapers. Whatever.


This mask will not protect you or others from any viruses or bacteria.

Such masks might have shore term affects that alleviate anxiety (for others). Long term affects might include heightened fear levels. Use with caution. 

Here's what the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have to say about masks (HINT: Whens the last time you saw a surgeon where a bandanna when performing brain surgery?)

Better Yet - Here is an amazing resource for those concerned about preventing, treating, and recuperating from the C'vid:

Update: for those who think maskless is suicidal and/or homicidal because they are super, duper effective at stopping the 'Rona, then well, I suppose we don't need to socially distance and we can get the economy back going. How 'bout dem presidential debates? 

Send one to your favorite reporter.



SHOUT-OUT to Barricade Garage for keeping the humor during this insanity.




This item can not be returned. 

Fabric Face Cover


Type:  100% Polyester Outer Fabric, Cotton Inner

6.00 Oz. 100% soft polyester surface and cotton inner.

Lessons contact with dust, pollen, smog, vehicle exhaust and sandy air

Cover your face from nose to chin. Can be worn around neck or as headband.

Provide a secure and comfortable fit for most persons.

These dust covers are not medical grade masks.

Note: Washable and reusable.